What Is The Cadastral Value Of A Property Valuation Adelaide

Beyond current expenses, a house is an asset subject to certain taxes, such as the Personal Income Tax. Calculating them depends, to a large extent, on the cadastral value of the Property Valuation Adelaide .

To properly define the concept, it must be clear that the Real Estate Registry is an administrative registry of real estate dependent on the Ministry of Finance. The registration of these assets (whether urban, rustic or with special characteristics) is mandatory and free.

It includes a description of the physical, economic and legal characteristics of the properties existing throughout the national territory, to which, on the other hand, a 20-character alphanumeric code is assigned, known as a cadastral reference, by means of which they are perfectly identified. in cadastral mapping.

What is the cadastral value and what is it for?

You don’t have to look too far to find out what the cadastral value is , the Cadastre itself defines it as: “administrative value set objectively for each real estate Homeloan property and that results from the application of the valuation criteria included in the paper on values ​​of the corresponding municipality” .

In other words, it is an amount set by the administration for each property , objectively determined based on certain parameters, but without taking into account market variables.