Property Valuation And The Work Of The Expert

Property  valuation is a complex exercise. An expert to inform you about the profession and give you some tricks of the trade.

Property  valuation represents an important part of the real estate field. It is not easy to estimate a property, as we have already told you . There are many parameters and the uniqueness of each case to consider. Jean-Pierre Ferrier, real estate expert, just retired from Cogestim , and member of the Swiss Chamber of Experts in real estate appraisals since 2005, gives us his advice.

Property  valuation players

The two main players in Property   valuation are brokers and appraisers. Both have the common point of being interested in real estate objects. However, for the broker the object is potentially for sale. Its estimate is done free of charge and possibly leads to the signing of a mandate. Which is not the primary goal of the expert. Indeed, the expert first seeks to estimate a property. This is mainly done in the context of an estate, litigation or divorce. “The expert’s real estate valuation will attempt to present the most objective data possible to determine the value of a property, while discarding the subjective or emotional aspects” specifies Jean-Pierre Ferrier.

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